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Once again, it’s Blog Comic Friday! (What did you expect, it’s Friday!) I’d like to take this opportunity to showcase a new comic by Jeffrey Rowland. If you like this comic, head over to his site, Overcompensating.

Overcompensating - Turnkey Websites


I’ve made it a point to never use Dreamweaver, ever. I never used it as a Macromedia product, I never used it as an Adobe product.

Please join me in a round of laughter as we make fun of everyone who uses it!

Dreamweaver is Giving Up

Boy, I sure am glad I use PHPDesigner. :)

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While on the manhunt for DoFollow blogs and websites that are related to your site (that also have nofollow disabled, and commenting enabled) … you probably have come across your fair share of nofollow’ed blogs, as well as repeatedly finding the same DoFollow blog over and over again.

Well, what would you say if I told you that you could find sites that have NoFollow turned off, completely related to your niche, and never have to look at a nofollow attribute ever again?

Yeah, I thought so.

Check out Find in Forums … it’s similar to a DoFollow Blog Search Engine, but instead of searching blogs, it searches various forums and message boards across the world wide web. Most forums have no follow attributes turned off by default, and very few choose to turn it on.

So, enjoy the wealth of back links that you will now be raking in!


Blog Comic Friday - SEO Has No Future

If you’ve heard Jason Calcanis speak, or keep yourself updated on his conferences, you might be familiar with his catch phrase, “SEO has no future.”

SEO Has No Future

I think Jason might be right though, SEO has no “FUTURE” … but only a “PRESENT” … it is often too hard to look and plan a significant distance ahead of yourself.

PS: Sorry for the post drought lately, my boss has been working me dead the past several weeks!

Google Fesses For Freaky Favicon

Following up on my earlier post (actually, currently the most popular post on DaftSEO) … Google’s New Favicon Sucks.

So, Google recently updated their blog with a word to the masses about the new Google favicon, and the process behind (and reasons for) the development of the horriffic atrocity. (Sorry Big G)

If you’re really interested in their yadda yadda yadda, go ahead and check out “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” on the Google Blog.

I just have one thing to say, Google.

Google Diagram


I’m currently running experiments with different link sets and widget types for displaying products from Amazon’s catalog.

Currently the widget that converts to the most sales is using classic links placed within a well worded review with a nice picture of the product. Link them twice to the sales page in the text, and make the product image link to the sales page as well.

I’ve gotten a couple of conversions from the “My Favorites” A.K.A. the “I Recommend” widget, but I wish it was more customizable.

What’s your favorite Amazon widget? What works best for you?

Another great strip by Ranked Hard, this comic depicts The Real Reason Your Site Dropped in Google.

The Real Reason Your Site Dropped in Google

Good thing I use AdWords!

Google’s New Favicon Sucks

It makes me want to vomit.

Why, Google, why? Why did you take something so perfect and elegant and ruin it?

You make me sick.

Google's New Favicon Sucks

FOLLOW UP TO THIS POST: Google Fesses For Freaky Favicon

GREMLin & Other New Stuff

So, you’ve probably been noticing a couple new things around here, namely the new tab in the upper navigation bar that says “Internet Marketing & SEO Tools” … this is a new section I’ve made to keep track of various internet marketing tools and seo tools that I have created for public use. (Oh, and, of course, make it easier for you to find and utilize.)

Right now, there are two available tools, FeedStub and GREMLin. I’ve already spoke with you about FeedStub and RSS feed directories … so lets get on to the hot ticket item.

GREMLin is a new link building tool that I am developing. It works exactly like the Google search engine (because it uses it, duh) … except that instead of returning the usual results pages that you are familiar with, GREMLin returns a list of clickable links for you without all the other text you weren’t going to read anyways.

Using search queries like the following return the best results:

[KEYWORD / KEYWORD PHRASE] “leave a reply”

[KEYWORD / KEYWORD PHRASE] “remember my personal information”

[KEYWORD / KEYWORD PHRASE] “notify me of follow-up comments”

Each of these will return links to commentable WordPress blogs related to your desired keyword. For now, you have to check if they are nofollow’ed or not yourself, but hopefully not for long.

This should help some of you out on cutting down time spent finding “do follow” blogs to drop backlinks on.

Anyways, enjoy the new toys, and please please PLEASE PLEASE …

Comments about GREMLin are welcome! What features do you want to see? Do you have some more useful search queries I can post up here for people to use?

Sold My Soul to Google For More Money

I logged into my Google AdSense account to check my earnings yesterday, and lo and behold, the mark of the beast was staring back into my face.

$6.66 AdSense Screenshots

Have you ever gotten $6.66 (or $666.00) for your daily income? Or maybe on your check?

But mostly, should I be scared?